Welcome to Log Out and Live®


Have you ever wished you could enjoy the buzz of a big game without a constant buzz in your pocket? Have you ever wished a conversation was the centerpiece of your dinner out rather than a bunch of cell phones? Have you ever thought you should stop surfing the net and try to surf some real waves? Well, we have, and that’s why we are spreading the word to LOG OUT AND LIVE!

LOG OUT AND LIVE is a family business committed to spreading a positive message through our high quality apparel and accessories. Our T-shirts are super soft, lightweight, and stylish. And our accessories are durable and fun.

Why not look good AND make a statement.

Join the movement! LOG OUT of the digital world and live actively in the moment. Let’s go skiing or snowboarding down a white-capped mountain without wondering about the latest status of our “friends.” Log Out and Ski. Log Out and Board. Let’s backpack up a mountain and resist the urge to check our email. Log Out and Hike. Sitting behind the computer aimlessly pushing buttons? Let’s make the decision to get up. Log Out and Run. Log Out and Fish. Log Out and Bike. Log Out and Skate. Why wait? The time is now! It is time to LOG OUT AND LIVE.  Check that… Buy something fun, then LOG OUT AND LIVE!