As my reunion approached, I brainstormed on how to motivate my classmates to return to our school. I reminisced about the real friendships I developed during my school years through bonding on sports teams, in study groups, at house parties, or just socializing late into the night. I also reflected on how much the world has changed. Everywhere you look these days, people (including me!) seem to be logged on to something – whether it be to a computer, a phone, a tablet, a laptop, or some other device. Many spend countless hours on social networks in a virtual world. I questioned, are virtual friends, real friends? Or, is real human interaction and connection being left behind? I wrote to my classmates, “LOG OUT of Facebook and come see your real friends from school!” I shared my thought process with my wife, Noreen, and we decided that it was time for us all to LOG OUT AND LIVE!

This simple, but powerful realization rang true to Noreen and me, and we quickly found out to many others as well!

It is time to refocus our energy on the moment and not let it slip by because of the constant distractions of technology. Yes, technology and social networks can be a good thing (ironically, they are helping us spread this very message!), but we need to recognize when it is good to be logged on and when it is constructive to LOG OUT.



We next asked ourselves, “How could we most effectively share this message with others?” We decided to start using word of mouth and T-shirts. Why T-shirts? Everyone likes a comfortable, stylish, and memorable T-shirt! We approached my aunt, a graphic designer, and my brother, a teacher, and formed a team committed to the movement.

Our goal – simply to inspire each other to put aside our digital devices and live actively in the moment!

Who knows where the movement will go from here, but we are sure you will help lead us in the right direction! The world and the country have so much to offer – unique people, places, and things to experience. So, for now, spread the word and help us all to LOG OUT AND LIVE!